Government Pump Applications


Federal and State Agencies use GATOR Pumps extensively for flood control, emergency pumping, water replacement and wetland recovery, recirculation at fisheries, wildlife refuges, waterfowl management, and numerous other specialized projects.

GATOR Pumps have helped numerous municipalities gain access to water supplies otherwise not available, and can also enhance pumping operations by reducing the strain from draft on existing centrifugal pumping stations.  Our pumps supply large volumes of water to municipal fire fighting pumpers (either professional or volunteer departments) during large fire operations requiring significant support and we are a main supplier of submersible feed pumps for Williams Fire and Hazard Control Company.  (see

GATOR Pumps have been manufactured for the U.S. Department of the Interior and Department of Defense and are considered to be among the most reliable, highest quality pumps available.  GATOR Pumps are widely used by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to control floodwater along levees, rivers and waterways throughout the United States and have been certified for military airlift transport.

Government Pump Applications include:

  • Emergency pumping stations
  • Fish and wildlife refuge management
  • Flood control pumps
  • Sewage bypass operations
  • Recreational facility maintenance
  • Natural resource management
  • Discrete pumping in residential areas
  • Permanent pumping stations
  • Dike flood control structures
  • Runway and airfield storm water dewatering
  • Self-contained emergency response pumping at remote sites
  • Water replacement/recirculation pumps for hatcheries and fisheries

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